Mike Coulter

Tiny Habits Coach. Creative Director Do Lectures, Side Projects.

Watch: Ten Meter Tower.

Read: Well Designed Life: 10 Lessons in Brain Science & Design Thinking for a Mindful, Healthy, Purposeful Life.

Hear: Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Kajitsu Restaurant Playlist. Read the back-story here.

Experience: Yoga Nidra from Richard Miller.



DavID Burton

Head of Innovation at Redweb

Watch: A live dance performance. You’ll be amazed.

Read: number9dream by David Mitchell. Last year I only read books with numbers in their titles. I read a lot of books I wouldn’t normally pick up. This one rocks.

Hear: Test Match Special, on a sunny day, with the window open. (Made even better when England are playing well)

Experience: A summer’s evening sitting beside a chalk stream watching mayflies dancing in the air.



Jim Bull

Co-Founder & CCO Moving Brands

Watch: The Double Life of Veronique by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Read: Gasoline by Gregory Corso.

Hear: Your intuition.

Experience: Living in as many places as you possibly can – each one opens you.




Design Director, Spin Studios

Watch: Every film Jim Jarmusch ever made.
Powers of Ten by Ray and Charles Eames.
Stop Making Sense by Jonathan Demme & Talking Heads.

Read: Riposte magazine. Welcome to the weird world of Glen Baxter.
Unit Editions books.

Hear: Kid Congo Powers. WTF podcast. The soundtrack of Vertigo.

Experience: Living in a different country.



Ian Irving

Strategy Director, Breed Communications

Watch: Your child sleeping, innocence and serenity and that “I made that child moment” is great for getting perspective.

Read: Hatch Magazine, insights into consumer behaviour. issuu.com/hatchmagazine

Hear: Weekender by Flowered Up. “No matter what you do, make sure what you do makes you happy”.

Experience: As much as possible in the first person and in the real world.



Trevor johnson

Design Director: Havas Lynx

Watch: Koyaanisqatsi

Read: Shady Characters by Keith Houston

Hear: Silence. Sometimes. It makes you think.

Experience: Life, Warhol & Duchamp


Gavin Strange

Senior Digital Designer at Aardman Animations / creative busybody going under the name JamFactory by night!

Watch: Akira. in Japanese with English subtitles. On a big screen!

Read: ‘The Establishment’ by Owen Jones for an eye-opening and sobering look at the structures of power here in England. For a lighter and more positive read, check out ‘Do Purpose’ by David Hieatt!

Hear: The wonderful snarls and furious drum beats on Frank Carter & The Rattlesnake’s latest album ‘Blossom’. I can’t get enough of it!

Experience: Standing in the middle of darkness, looking up at the stars, getting lost in the awesomeness of it all, putting everything into perspective!



Simon Manchipp

Executive Strategic Creative Director & Founder: SomeOne

Watch: The sun come up after a night of dancing in Pacha, Ibiza. Gets me every time.

Read: The Circle — Dave Eggers. The dream of technological transparency backflips in a masterly novel.

Hear: Our studio Spotify playlists - they are world-class. The pitching track is currently ‘All I do is Win: DJ Khaled’

Experience: Listening — it’s a dying art.



Brendan Dawes


Watch: Night of the Hunter

Read: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Hear: The heavy hi-hats at the end of the middle eight on The Knack’s My Sharona

Experience: The beautiful and perfect Zeroll ice cream scoop



James Sommerville

VP Global Design, The Coca-Cola Company / ex Founder of ATTIK

Watch: Your back

Read: Everything, (but the Daily Mail)

Hear: The voices in your head

Experience: Working for yourself




Brand Thinker

Watch: The aurora borealis

Read: The Economist

Hear: A nightingale

Experience: Love