Dotted around the Soho area of London are a number a fantastic restaurants, all serving a small amount of dishes. Each of these dishes are brilliantly made, featuring the best ingredients, sourced seasonally from experts in the food trade. You may think that having a limited menu would limit the amount of customers coming through the door, less choice means less chance of pleasing everyone. However these restaurants are never empty. You can walk around Soho any night of the week and most of them are stacked out.

What they do, they do really well, and they keep it simple. Less choice means less confusion and more emphasis and time spent on what is produced. This means that every dish eaten should be a winning dish. Customers and critics get to know this, people trust what the chef is producing and which ingredients he is choosing. This all results in foot fall, happy customers spread the word and new customers are created.

Any business can learn from this. Keep your sell simple and focused, less is more. Concentrate on making a few great things, rather than lots of OK things. Make sure everything you produce is as good and refined as it can be. Most importantly make it easy for your customers, so they know exactly what they will be getting from you, in the Soho restaurants case ‘a carefully selected menu of fantastic dishes’.